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Events: Dev Party

Make new connections for the new decade

About us

SEMUP - SOFTWARE ENGINEERS MEETUP PARTY. It's a platform or a party of software developers.


this organization is hosting a party for not only software developers but every kind of developer in nigeria.



Developers party is a subset of SEMUP – SOFTWARE ENGINEERS MEETUP, Dev party is being lunched to get every kind of developers like: photographers, models, musicians, DJs, Artist, software engineers, graphics designers, make-up artist etc., we get those kind of people and register them as a company under SEMUP to form a massive global ICT HUB which have every kind of jobs under it, most important part is the JOBS with tech like, software, graphics, 2d 3d game making etc.,
SEMUP is basically a meet up party for tech developers basically, but a hub will be formed under SEMUP and given a name which will carry those companies mentioned earlier and that HUB will always get contract of all kinds.